Thursday, April 7, 2011

Growing Ferns

Now that we have an outdoor space, it's been decided that we must take advantage and have a garden.  However, the "yard" is bordered on all sides by tall buildings and gets almost zero direct sunlight.  This had initially posed a problem to starting a garden, but luckily, there are plants that love the shade.  So far we have Bleeding Hearts, Lily of the Valley, and Ferns.  The ferns are all unfurling right now, and I am excited to have a summer outdoor garden in which to drink tea in the mornings.

Hopefully we'll be getting some Hosta, and I'm going to try to grow some morning glory up a tree. We want to find a french bistro table and chair set and build some hypertufa planters to fill out the space.  I am very excited for spring to explode, and with all this recent rain, hopefully it will soon!  I'm also looking for more shade-loving plants.  Do any of you gardeners have suggestions?  

I love the unfurling baby ferns.