Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tea and Sugar

I just got these sterling sugar tongs, and I like them.  Now I can be all fancy when I serve tea. One lump or two?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Baby raccons!

This weekend I had the opportunity to sit a pair of baby raccoons. They are being rehabbed by a girl who works at a veterinary office (and they have been vaccinated against rabies) And they are the most adorable creatures I have ever met in my life (sorry, kittens)  They make these purr-like noises and squeaks and I can't get enough. But they definitely have wild animal genes; their hands are almost primate-like and they are incredibly smart and curious. They remind me of a super intelligent cat on speed, except tiny and cute. Especially when they fall asleep on my shoulders. Squee!

You can tell they are up to something.

They also tried to steal my ring and my watch. Shiny things=fun to play with

too cute!

I know they are going to become adults and will be much less cute and much more wild, but I am going to enjoy the adorable baby raccoons as much as I can before they grow up! (can you hear my squeaky voice?)

I thought other people would enjoy the cuteness too, so I'm sharing photos (I took over 200...yikes)