Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Selling Day

We had a table at the Brooklyn Indie Market again--We did better today than we did last week, which was definitely a positive sign, especially since we had a lot more jewelry competition this time around--and it was all really beautiful. Hopefully we'll be able to have some more selling days in the coming December/Holiday Season. We seem to have sold a lot of items that were meant to be gifts today.

There was one woman who was looking for a gift to give to her sister. She was with her two teenage children who were obviously bored out of their minds. She kept trying on cowl after cowl, talking to her kids about which one their aunt would like best. "Do you think she would like the chartreuse? Is this one too big? How about this one?" She would try one on, look at it in the mirror, try on another, adjust it, and move onto yet another. I think she must have tested out most of the ones we had on display. Her children kept saying "mom! let's go" and finally she was about to leave without buying anything--until a short taupe cowl with a stone button caught her eye, and she just had to try it on. I watched her daughter roll her eyes--and the lady said "Oh--Why didn't you tell me you had this color! I think I may buy this one for myself." She turns to her kids and says "do you think your aunt would be upset if I bought this for myself?" So she bought herself an awesome knitted neck warmer (and made her kids happy by moving on). It reminded me of being a teenager. And was hilarious.

We've also been updating our etsy and flickr sites. So go check them out!

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