Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh the Farm

It's been a busy (or not so busy) week and a half. My brother has a pig, two goats, and 8 chickens. We ate fresh chicken eggs for breakfast the other day. There hasn't been much jewelry making but there has been much crafting. Soon (hopefully) there will be some photos of the finished items. But for now all I have are farm animals!

Tucker the pig is afraid of people-unless he thinks you
have food-because sorority girls would run up to him and
pick him up. Every time they saw him.

The goats are both female and don't have
any kids, so they don't produce milk.
They really will eat anything.

There are 2 kinds of chickens. The pretty ones
and the brown ones. The brown ones are easier to catch.

But I like the pictures of the
pretty ones.

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