Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Studio Space

This is where we work:

we've given up having a proper living room with a couch, television and coffee table in lieu of having a studio. I love it. It means that our bed is a loft bed and our couch is a small one that fits underneath. It works well and it's a worthwhile sacrifice in order to have an actual dedicated workspace.

Lock made a long table out of a door, and I found a sewing table on the side of the street. They fit next to each other perfectly in the room. I am in love with the door table. It's bracketed onto the wall on one side and has a custom built leg on the other. It's a great workspace.
The cats like to watch birds outside of the window. And then they make c-c-caah-cah-c-c-c sounds.
And of course there's lots of places to hang half made necklaces and other doo-dads.

The other half of the room goes to Justin, which I guess is OK. Except that he needs to use his half more often. That's his painting on the left. The bookshelf/cabinet is from Ikea and is fantastic. We also have a space heater, which the cats and Mason love.

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