Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So my sister's taking a letterpress bookmaking class. This weekend while I was visiting, I crashed the studio and was able to use the proofing press to put together some cards for Lock and Spoon:

The font is Baskerville 24pt (my favorite). This weekend I learned that the term font technically refers to the actual size of a typeface. Each size had to be made separately, since they are cast individually. So each point size of a typeface is technically a different font. However, the word is very rarely used in this context anymore-font is generally interchangeable with typeface.

The letterpress studio in which she takes her class is AMAZING. It's about as large as my house and the walls are filled with font trays, along with all kinds of fancy old image plates. As you can see, I used the chairs and pretty decorative element. I could spend hours in the studio doing nothing but going through tray after tray of little elements. My favorite tray was filled with calendar plates--there were blocks of numbers from 1-31, each starting on a different day of the week. I even saw one for leap year February.

I was also playing with my mom's stamp collection. I made some pretty pages and some simple gift tags:

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