Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Rings-but these are mine this time

Three of my favorite fancy rings.  I post many photos of jewelry--but these are my very own that I get to look at every day, so I thought I'd share them.  I have more of my personal jewelry that I'll talk about at another time, but I'll start small.

I bought the one on the left from Digby & Iona at the Young Designer's Market in Soho before Christmas.  My sister has a matching one, except the stone is brass and the band is silver.  I love their jewelry--they have a wonderful take on design and I could only hope to live up to that level of sophistication one day.

The ring in the middle was one of the first pieces of jewelry I ever made.  I had decided that I was going to hammer out the ends, overlap them, and solder them together.  Needless to say, it was an inane idea and didn't work at all--but I did serendipitously discover the ring I have now.  I love the way the brass develops this satin patina over time.  I've reproduced this ring in silver here, but I still love my brass original.

And the ring on the right is utterly phenomenal.  Yes, it really is an eagle holding a salmon in it's talons.  I saw it in Mexico in a small shop in Baja California and decided I had to have it.  It's an eagle. Who just caught a salmon. And it's holding it in its talons.  I don't know who decided to make this concept into a ring, but I love it. It's just ridiculous enough to be fabulous.  Below is another photo so you can see the details.

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  1. you should post a photo of an indent made from this ring