Sunday, April 25, 2010


Don't you love it when your cats have knocked over the trash can while you're away, and you get to clean it all up when you get home?  This has been happening with more regularity since Subway Cat (melvin) has come to live with us.  Apparently, trash cans contain edible food (I swear that ice cream carton was completely cleaned out!)  There has also been a rash of bag chewing in our household; another likely street habit. sigh.


  1. My cats do this too -- I got one of those footpedal trash cans and they figured out how to team up and open the damn thing. I'm actually kind of proud of them.

  2. Yes. Even for how much trouble they cause, I can't help but let them have my pillow at night. Last night Charlie was being extra cuddly, and I can't stay mad for long.