Monday, April 5, 2010

How To: Acorn Cap Cups

I though I'd share a discovery from this weekend.  In Delaware, I found a plethora of acorn caps on the ground, but none of them had any actual acorns.  A light bulb went off in my head because I've been thinking about egg cups lately:  How could I figure out a way to make these acorn caps into egg cups?  Below are the very simple steps:

The grocery store nearby sells quail eggs, which I've always been slightly too creeped out to buy, and of course when I finally decide that I want them, they are out.  So I used stones instead, which I think may have turned out better.

All you need are acorn caps and a glue gun.

I started by picking three caps that were roughly the same height.  Then I just glued them together in a triangle shape, and added more until I liked the final shape.

I eyeballed the placement of the glue by holding it in place before I gunned it.

Then, while the glue was still hot, I stuck them in place.  I learned that it's better to try to have your excess glue on the stem side of your caps so it doesn't show, but it's fairly easy to pick off if you mess one up.

See? Simple as pie.

I'm thinking of them more as spring decorations than easter decorations, so enjoy!

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