Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Grandparent's house

My grandma lives in a very large house on a mountain in Arizona.   Their house is always a crazy mess full of fabulous eclectic objects and a lot of great furniture, and of course, that Arizona light everywhere.  My grandmother graduated college with a degree in landscape architecture and has always had an eye for design.  They were always going to auctions and buying office furniture and fixtures. I distinctly remember office chairs 'decorating' our living room on multiple occasions.  Paintings, desks--definitely rolling chairs, we even have cubicle walls in one room in the house. They all came from offices or auctions. Growing up, I never realized that this wasn't common.

These were definitely bought at an auction.  I like them.

I love that the painting is sitting on the floor. Next to an Eames eiffel chair.

That dish set.  Those salt and pepper shakers.

They have another similar table in the kitchen.  I love that everything is haphazard and there are piles of clutter everywhere. Amazing, fabulous, old, clutter.  Throwing things away is totally overrated.


  1. Wow your Grandma does have style!!

  2. Thanks! I love going to her house and just exploring-- It's always fun to find new things that she has had for ages