Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Old Things

There is a distinct lack of thrift stores in the city.  Luckily, we were able to take a detour to a Savers (in New England?!) while we were out of town last weekend. It was very exciting, and even though our time was short (only 30 minutes!) I was able to find awesome old things.

The doily pattern books are fabulous.  I've already started making October's (it's called graceful autumn. yes.)  Every time I'm in Michael's I pine over books like these but they run twenty dollars each (!)  Luckily, I bought these for twenty nine cents each.

This was my favorite scarf. I love the printed tassels on the end.

I've been collecting wooden boxes for storage, and I can always use more.  I definitely scoured the scarves for silk ones.  There were so many that I had a hard time choosing my favorites.

But these shoes were the find of the day:  They were completely unworn, and they fit me perfectly.  They were also nearly exactly the same as the shoes I was wearing, except the colors were different.  The colors make them amazing, and now I am slowly trying to break them in.

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