Friday, June 11, 2010


Flagstaff was a lot of fun.  The wedding was in the forest near a campground and the reception was under the gazebo.  It was a beautiful, low key wedding.  The table decorations were succulents and we all got to take them home afterwards.  There was music and dancing and a campfire, and it was good to see old friends. 

This flower bloomed at night, and by sunrise it had closed up.

The campground sits on a volcano, so the ground was covered in volcanic gravel.  It was actually very comfortable to sleep on.

I love the lichen...

This is my wedding attire.  I actually wore those wedges camping because I was less worried about ruining them than my more appropriate shoes (which, in retrospect, were probably not more appropriate).  The pine needles also made for comfortable sleeping.

Justin took these photos of the saguaro at my parent's house.  He says that he's not a good photographer, but I like them.  And look at how blue the sky is!  It was hot in phoenix: 111° (!) but I still miss it sometimes.

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