Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wool Festival and Spinning Yarn

I know, I'm still catching up with Arizona, but this is actually very exciting an definitely deserved it's own post:  We stumbled upon a wool festival at the pioneer museum in Flagstaff.  We saw an advertisement for it in town, and decided that we must go.  There was sheep shearing, navajo weaving and a group of old ladies with their spinning wheels, who just so happened to be nice enough to let a girl from the city commandeer one of them and spin until she was finally pried away.  Of course, my "yarn" is not exactly finely spun, but I did start to get the hang of the draft, spin, let it go--but don't let it go too much and then spin some more but--ohh! you spun it to tight and it broke. . . time to start again.  It was quite fun.

 The sheep were funny because they would start to put up a fight, but then realize it wasn't worth the fuss and relax.

Look! I'm spinning! on a spinning wheel!

This was the uhh, yarn I spun.

 But I did get some merino roving (and a little bit of suri that I'm saving for when I'm good at this) to work with on my my drop spindle.  Drop spindles definitely take a lot longer to spin the same amount of fiber, but I feel like it's easier to get it consistent.  I'll get it down eventually, I'm sure.

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