Monday, October 18, 2010


Do you remember the mystery crochet horseshoe from this spring?  Well, I know who left it in my bin, and in a completely separate (well, almost) series of events, I have also found out where it came from.  Thank you, Anya!

There's a store in Tucson, Arizona called tel•e•gram, and I only wish it had existed while I was living there.  They carry beautiful handmade goods, jewelry, they have a loom and they hold quilting classes(!), while making some of the most beautiful, modern quilts I've ever seen:

But the best part is that they ordered a wholesale batch of rings and buttons from us! So now you can buy our line in Telegram on fourth avenue.  I love Tucson, and can't wait to visit this winter!

(see why we got all those fancy new cards?)

All of the beautiful photographs are courtesy of the telegram blog, which I highly recommend visiting for a superb dose of inspiration, and can be found here

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  1. How charming and such beautiful photos! I will have to visit next time I am in Arizona!