Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The Bust Craftacular was a success--Even though it was a miserable, cold and rainy day, many people braved the line to come and see what people had to sell.  We had fun, and the vendors were fabulous--I had a lot of fun shopping and browsing.

Some of my favorites were :

She makes crochet chain necklaces--but with cashmere, netted crochet stones, and silk blouses with doilies on them!  I wanted to buy one of her shirts, but they were sold out.  And she bought crochet bottles form us.  I love the crochet stone necklaces--I was looking at her shop and was falling in love with so many things! I'm visiting her at the Brooklyn Flea to get a shirt, and I am so, so excited.

The gals at this booth were great. I bought a ring from them, and they came by us to visit for a while. She had some fabulous bunny necklaces and earrings, too!  I love my ring.  It's carved to look like a twig (hmm. . . surprising I would like something of that nature...) and then cast in sterling silver. I like it because it works with my other stack, too.

KG + AB porcelain
I bought some cast porcelain nuts and another gift for someone who may or may not be reading this. But I love my nuts!  Perfect little objects.

We also have one more event this season: Bust has partnered with Hendricks Gin to put on a pop up shop this week and we'll be participating in the show tomorrow evening.

It's at 350 Bowery, between Great Jones & East 4th St. and it runs from 4pm until 9pm.  It may be your last chance to get some cool new things before Christmas--so come visit us!

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