Sunday, January 2, 2011


mmm. . . piping hot roasted vegetables from the oven: onions, beets, potatoes and carrots with tarragon vinegar, italian herbs, olive oil, and sea salt.  For some reason, I've always chopped the vegetables and put them directly in the baking dish, but now I've realized that they work better if you toss them with the olive oil/herbs in a bowl first. . . duh.  I also cooked them covered in foil, but uncovered and broiled them for the last 10 minutes.

I made the tarragon vinegar earlier in the summer when a friend gave me more tarragon than I could use. It was so, so easy but this was the first time I've used it. I was a little bit nervous, since I'm not always fond of tarragon's anise flavor, but the vinegar is delightfully mild on the anise, but deliciously tarragon.


  1. will you make me this when i come?

  2. of course!!!! I will make you whatever you want!!!