Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Homestead

Of course, what would a trip to Arizona be without visiting the chickens?  One day I will have my own egg laying hen, and then I will subject all of you to an overdose of chicken photos.  So this time there's only three.  Of course, I never tire of sifting through the old sheds in the back (and therein lies the bulk of pictures you will see today).  

I love the wide mouth mason jar and all the coffee tins, and of course, that stack of Lawyer cards.  They are significantly larger than business cards, and I don't know what exactly they were for.  Mostly I get all giddy because they are letterpress made.  It hurts me to leave them sitting out, but I've already taken a fairly large stack for myself, and they obviously have been OK out there for decades, so...  

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  1. Gorgeous pics. I love hens, too. I'm getting a chicken house when my hubby goes on holidays at Easter.