Thursday, November 12, 2009

aliens, robots and ray guns

Clockwise from top:

Robot Pendant by Roadkill
Flash Gordon Lamp by CreativePal
Retro Ray Gun by Buildersstudio
Robot Attack Shirt by rainbowswirlz

Who doesn't want to be a space adventurer? Battling aliens and robots with cool ray guns. . . These are some of my favorites from Etsy lately. And the ray guns are seriously the coolest. Whenever I see a reference to Flash Gordon it makes me think of the Foundation series. I don't know what Isaac Asimov has in common with Flash, except that they both take place in Space--but I always imagine that people in the galactic dark ages had to battle it out with totally awesome retro-style ray guns--like the ones Flash Gordon used. OK, I do understand that I am leaning slightly to the nerdy side of things. . . but come on--those things are pretty neat.

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