Monday, November 23, 2009

teapot collection

Yesterday we went to the MOMA and saw the bauhaus show. It gave a much better insight on the purpose and goal of the Bauhaus than anything I learned in art history classes. But what I loved were the metalwork pieces by Marianne Brandt. She became head of the metals workshop at the Bauhaus in 1929 and her work is fabulous:

She creates beautiful forms out of a very few shapes:

Oh. . . and the teapot. The shapes are all so simple. Circles and right angles--but look what they do when they come together.

And then we got to see this set by Nikolai Suetin:
He was a Russian Suprematist, which is part of that early twentieth century avant garde rebellion against any form of decorative flourish. This set is upstairs with the German expressionists. (I don't know why).

But I do love this teacup:

And the teapot:

This plate--and look at the other teacup in the corner.

And, while I'm on the subject of fabulous tea sets:
I. Want. This.

It's from Paint Chip Diaries' etsy shop and it's fabulous.

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