Friday, November 27, 2009

The Market

Tomorrow we'll be at the Young Designer's Market in Soho. It's on Mulberry between Prince and Houston, open from 11:00 until 7:00. It will be our first time selling at this venue so we hope it goes well!

Lock made some lasercut bits and pieces last weekend and we spent most of the day staining, sanding, glueing and finishing the items for necklaces and pins. They are pretty awesome. Here's a sneak peek of the preparation process:

And here are some of the finished necklaces:

I really like the scalloped edge necklaces. Hopefully these do well, because we have so many other ideas of things to make!

Now--time to finish packing the suitcase. Last time we forgot some important items, so we made a list of things to remember to bring to a show (you know, like a mirror, or tape). Hopefully this time we'll have everything. Luckily, the jewelry is all packed:

And we're ready for tomorrow!

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