Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pictures from the weekend!

Selling at this show was an interesting experience; the first day we did very well, but the second day was immensely slow--luckily we did make our table fee back, and together both days evened out. We'll probably be back there in the next few weeks before Christmas. It was fun to learn what sold here differently than at the Brooklyn Indie Market.

Here's our table:

It's a good thing that Lock is a ridiculously fast knitter, so we didn't run out of neck cowls. They were literally flying off the table. People were drawn to the buttons (which make them awesome) and moms tended to like them the most. One thing we do need, however, is a display head because not everyone knew exactly what they were.

But the best part of the weekend was coming home and checking on the etsy shop before I went to bed. I noticed that one of our items had way more views than it should have. So I checked craftcult.com, and lo and behold--we were on the front page of etsy right at that moment! It was exciting and I interrupted some people to tell them the good news. It was a very nice end to the weekend.

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