Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've been photographing the trees in the neighborhood when I walk in the morning. I remember moving in to our house and being amazed at how many trees are growing along the streets--There weren't supposed to be trees in New York, but we live in Jackson Heights: the 'garden city.' All of the gardens are behind locked gates, but we still get to enjoy the trees:

This one has lichen growing up the trunk.

And this one has ivy.

This one's in an off-limits-to-the-public garden.
(but we still get to peek)

I love this photo because the Coned Guy was
talking on his cell phone and looked really bored.

The trees here are magnificent--And all the rain we've gotten this year has made for an explosion of moss and lichen all over their trunks. I tend to walk the same way every day because there are so many beautiful prewar buildings with community gardens and well maintained grounds. I notice something new every time, and I enjoy the architecture and gardens.

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