Monday, February 22, 2010


I like to collect things. Below is a collection of cocktail forks.

But the forks are only part of another, larger collection: 
I know--hoarding symptoms--but aren't they beautiful?
Some of the utensils are from my great grandparents house.  My dad has a button hook that he uses for who knows what kind of destructive tool use and I want to steal it.  It's also from my great grandparent's house (the one where the frat-boy farm is located)


  1. Here's another person with their delightful hoarding issues on display:

  2. interesting things to collect! i like vintage silverware--the designs are very intricate and pretty.


  3. Thank you and Thank you!

    Silverware was what got me started in the first place. . . now I love it.

    That website is amazing.