Friday, February 19, 2010

Things I love: doilies

So I've been on somewhat of a crochet kick since Valentine's day and I've been making mini doilies--I don't have the patience to make them standard size (as in more than 4 inches).  But this way I get to make a lot more of them!
Most of them are just made up by me, but a couple of them are from Crocheting on the Edge, which is an amazing book.

I also learned how to make a granny square--
I haven't learned how until now, and while I never appreciated them in photos or on websites, I did see the beauty when I had it in my hand. Now I've decided to make an afghan style scarf (ha).  It's going to be something that waits for road trips and plane trips.

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  1. GrandmaAnna's mom Gertrude used to make big fancy doilies out of the thinnest crochet thread. Grandma Barbara has them.