Monday, May 31, 2010


I've been working on a shawl for my best friend's wedding.  She showed me a picture of this and I had absolutely no idea how it could possibly be done.  It was tagged crochet, but it certainly didn't look like any crochet I've ever seen. Could it have been made with an extra large hook?  Or is there some sort of drop stitch technique?  Finally, I found another, similar shawl that was tagged with 'solomon's knot' and that opened up a whole new world of fancy open crochet work.  While I still can't figure out that square pattern in the photo, I can mimic the general open, lacy style.  And oh the yarn.  I was looking for mohair in cream or ivory--or even a light, earthy color, but apparently mohair only comes in bright colors or metallics--I was somewhat disappointed, until I found this beautiful, luxuriously soft blend of baby suri and merino wool.  It is so, so soft--Suri is definitely one of my new favorite fibers.  So the shawl will be extra long and bulky and so soft.  I haven't decided how I'm going to edge it, whether I'll do bobbles, like the original, or maybe some fringe like this.  I'll definitely post the finished shawl!

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  1. I think the picture your friend sent was probably done using a flower loom. Here's a flicker picture where the floral border was done on a flower loom. Looks similar, doesn't it?