Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cherry Season

It's been hot here, and everyone's been somewhat lethargic.  So our cool down trick has been fruit smoothies.  My favorites are cherry and apple: We'll pit the cherries or slice up the apples and freeze them.  After everything is frozen solid, into the blender they go with plain yogurt and some soymilk (or regular milk or --my favorite-- almond milk).  It is so delicious and one of my favorite quick breakfasts or anytime snack.

Sometimes we'll toss in a scoop of protein powder, but the secret to a delicious smoothie is:  cinnamon.  It makes everything more delicious without additional sweetener.  I also like to add a small spoonful vanilla, especially with the cherries.  mmmmm. . . cherry vanilla.

See? even Melvin says it's too hot.


  1. Good idea of making smoothies and sweet Melvin !

  2. My chef roommate says the secret to a smoothie is a spoon of jam...