Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fancy Dress

This weekend one of my oldest friend is getting married (!)  and of course we're attending the festivities. I didn't have any nice clothes that would be appropriate (or rather--that I haven't worn to death) and I also am lacking funds for new clothes, and on that account I decided to make something new.  

The ceremony and reception will be outside in a meadow where the dress code is semi-dress/semi casual.  I wanted something light and airy, but also relatively dressy and nice (because I like dressing up).  I was looking through my fabric stash when I found some curtains that Lock gave me about a year ago.  They have these beautiful hand embroidered dragonflies all over them, but they were so old that the fabric had faded or stained in places, and was falling apart in others.  I figured that if I layered the fabric, then maybe I could make a pouffy skirt that wasn't completely see-through, and if I embraced the worn, threadbare fabric, then maybe it would work.  I'm really very happy with it, although I made it a bit too long, didn't want to cut the dragonflies in half, and so pinned it up into a bubble skirt.  I generally don't like bubble skirts, but with the shirt I'm planning on wearing, it looks OK.

I also made a necklace--simply by braiding chains and strands of pearls, attaching the ends to some large rings, which I then ran through with sating ribbon. It looks somewhat elaborate, but was actually incredibly simple.  

I saved some of the dragonflies.  I think I may frame them; they would really be beautiful on a wall, don't you think?

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  1. oooo that looks much happier draped as a garment than hanging on my window. Good work Spoon.