Friday, June 18, 2010

A Few New Pictures

I re-shot and updated a whole bunch of photographs in the shop: all of the twig necklaces, and some others.  The twig pendants are some of my favorite necklaces that we make, and I'm sad that we haven't sold a single one.  I'm still convinced that they are a viable market item, so we'll see if the new photography helps.  It really is much better. Click the photo to see the item in the shop!

While I was at it, I also re-shot the screwed necklace, which is definitely a love of mine:

And I finally made a post for these earrings (which we've been making forever): the smoky quartz and brass drops.  We've had a listing in silver because silver tends to be more universal, but the brass posts compliment the smoky quartz so well, we thought we'd include this option, too. (I like these ones better)

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