Thursday, June 17, 2010

Treasure Chest

I found this suitcase in the shed at my brother's house.  It was full of old papers: letters, forms, notes, pamphlets and all kinds of ephemera from years ago.  Some were things like "Financial Planning During the Depression" or school notes, and there was a golf score card, too.  It was a lot of interesting old papers, some of which had been moth-eaten, but all were in remarkably good condition regarding their age.  I also love the stained fabric lining of the suitcase; I guess I have a thing for old, stained fabric.

I did nab this letter, addressed from my great grandfather's sister to my great grandfather.  It was sent in 1940.  I love that the envelope was also used as a notepad.  I think it looks nice in a frame, not that I have much wall space left. . . 

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