Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Treasures

Last weekend we went camping upstate and floated down the Delaware River--it was so much fun, but the best part were the junk store and yard sales we stopped at on the way home--

There was a store where the house and entire front yard was literally filled with all kinds of old things.  I bought a blue ball jar (with a glass lid!) and a turkish coffee pot for $3 total.  I should have bought more things.

But then we stopped at a yard sale that had a great book collection.  I was very excited to find the weaving instruction book, but then I saw the Meret Oppenheim book.  This is the most information I've ever seen about her in one place; even her wikipedia article is only a couple of paragraphs long.  The book was put together for a traveling retrospective in the 90's.

The Weaving book is great--but the art book is amazing!  Just look at the cover!
Below are some photographs of the inside of the book.  You can clock on them to see them larger.

"Strangling Angel" 1931 and "For Irene Zurkinden" 1932
I love the plate of food and the pear with bacon--And the angel?  There are ladies feet behind her, and I love that the pine trees are growing out of her wings.  And what's with the baby?

"The Couple" 1956 and "Summer Night" 1957
The Shoes are attached at the toes. I really love this piece.

"Pair of Gloves" 1985
She made this piece the year she died; she was 72.  This piece is my favorite.  The gloves are blue suede with red stitching on the bottom and painted veins as they get smaller. Brilliant.

Of course, you couldn't have a Meret Oppenheim book without the Fur Cup.  But I had never seen the other piece: "My Nurse" 1936.  She was so good.  I'm sad that I missed the Exhibition by about 15 years.

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