Friday, September 3, 2010

Mitered Corner Scarf

I saw this tutorial at the Purl Bee a while ago, and loved it, but didn't quite want to put forth the effort to make a scarf with a homemade bias tape edge. (way too much work for lazy me!)  I also prefer large square scarves, and I was afraid that doubled edges might be too bulky.  So I picked out a Liberty of London print (it was so hard! I wanted them all!) in which the back side of the print wasn't noticeably lighter--I found that the darker patterns worked best--and I bought a single yard.

I trimmed off the selvedge and folded the fabric over into a right triangle to measure a square. Then I folded and pressed in each edge by roughly a centimeter.  I've found that mitered corners are much easier if you take the time to properly press the folds.  The longer you take on this part, the easier the sewing will be at the end.

Once one fold was done, I folded all the edges under once again, using the previous fold as a guide.  So now I had a double fold, and the corners were starting to get bulky.

To make the mitered corners, unfold the fabric, and cut the corner off just under the first fold.  The folds make a pattern of squares on the corner.  You want to cut in between the squares.

Remember: you can always cut more, but you can't add any back on.

Next, fold the trimmed corner under and refold the sides from your first press, as shown below.

Fold down the second press, and the edges of the folded corner should meet in the middle.  If the edges don't meet, you may have cut or folded too much or too little in the previous steps.  If you're a perfectionist, you can open it back up and adjust, Or, if you're like me, just pull it until it looks about right.  Press with a hot iron, and I pinned my corners in place for sewing.

I sewed two straight stitch lines on my scarf, because I didn't want anything coming undone.  But this would also be a good time to use those fancy stitches!

And I love my new scarf--if only we had the weather to wear it!


  1. Fantastic tutorial and lovely scarf! I dont do a lot of sewing so I love seeing what others come up with as far as fabric projects!

  2. Thanks! It's a great way to use up a single yard or so of lightweight fabric