Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crochet Box

I'll often make small crochet motifs to try out a new yarn, or just for fun. I like to keep them in an old wooden cigar box, and use them for gift toppers, or sew them onto cards (fabric postcards, anyone?) but mostly I like collecting them and then taking the box out and taking pictures. Enjoy!

Pieces of lace, flowers, snowflakes and the beginnings of doilies. I love to crochet, but apparently I have the attention span of a ten year old.


  1. Great photos. There's a lot of textures there =) How long does one usually take? (an unfinished one, even) they look so intricate!

  2. thanks!

    Most of these have been done in one sitting--usually less than an hour, and some of the smaller ones only take about 15 minutes. Sometimes I have plans to make something larger and it either doesn't turn out the way I had hoped, or I get bored with it and want to do something else with the thread. Apparently I get bored easily! ha!