Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trash Beach Treasures

We had a good run at dead horse bay last week. Sometimes I get pulled away by the rest of my party when there is still so much searching to do!  But we stayed until full high tide this time--and I'm getting better at culling my collection:  the final haul was relatively lightweight (and certainly exciting!).  Here are a few treasures from the recent trip:

Look at this nearly perfect old doorknob.  Somehow it's more exciting to find one on a beach than buy it at a flea market.  And the glass stoppers--I'm always on the lookout for them, but I got lucky this time.

Look at that glass dish and all of the beads.  I must admit, the beads have been collected from multiple trips, but the dish is from the most recent visit and it is in great shape.  

Some of my favorites are the military collar pin and the old locket below.  I can't open the locket without breaking it because the hinge has completely corroded off. I'm sure anything that was inside is long gone, but we'll never know!


  1. These things are just buried in the sand on the beach? How neat!

  2. yes! Mostly they're not even buried, they just wash out from the top of the beach. It's an awesome place!