Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Crochet Bottles

Finally, I've completed a new set of crochet covered bottles. Most of them have been done for a while, waiting for the thread ends to be woven in and all of them needed to be photographed. They are all posted to the shop, if you'd like to purchase one!

They were fun to photograph.  I especially like the set of champagne colored thread bottles with fancy patterns, like the ones above; I think they look good together.  I've been trying to expand upon my patterns lately, using more than just a simple netted stitch (although I still do like those).  I've found that the ones I like best are the most open patterned bottles.  They let the light through nicely.


  1. The antiqued looking threaded ones are beautiful.

  2. i love that wooden shelf@.@

  3. Nice post! Nice pics!

  4. Thanks, all!

    The wooden shelf was the knot of a branch that my dad and I sawed up for these necklaces:

    And I used the techniques described in this tutorial to make the shelves:

    I'm glad you all like them so much!

  5. It'd be awesome if you could share some advice on how to make these! I'd love to have these around my house, maybe even put candles in some :)